We developed a cooperation structure with farmers for perch aquaculture in China, called "company operation with farmers". In order to achieve large-scale production of yellow perch and shad. In this cooperation, we provide the farmers with aquaculture system designs, fingerlings, and HACCP technical support. when harvest season come, we purchase food-size perch and shad from them and deliver to the markets in China or US. By the operation mode of unified production standards, seed purchase, products sales, we can give full play to our advantage in the aquatic species、technology、brand、service and marketing sale. comprehensively enhance aquaculture production and quality, Accelerate the pace of industrialization of yellow perch and American shad, expand exports, turn the yellow perch and American shad export industry from seed-breeding to the standardized production of commercial fish, in order to form a mature model of industry development, to create a new model of scientific and technological innovation for Chinese export of aquatic products.

Company main departments:
Management department ZhaoYing: general manager
Biotechnology r&d department LiuQingHua: dr
Circulating water engineering department LiuQingHua: dr
Sales: WuJian

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